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AvenueFour - a celebrity based roleplay.

The plot takes place in a distant part of LA, where anyone can hide from the world. No cameras, no screaming fans, just peaceful silence. Atleast that is what Holly thought when she bought a house on the 4th Avenue...

"I have come back to something that had
long disappeared from my heart and mind..."

Without any friends, or family she seeks loneliness. But an unexpected neighbour twists her plans fatally. The one person she had been trying to forget for almost a year, the person who had showed her how to love, the person who had left so suddenly - he knocks on her door. And she falls back in time.

Roleplay guidelines - read to know whats happening here. The guidelines have been revised for the millionth time, so please take another look, if you`ve already read them.

Wanted characters
>> Orlando Bloom
>> Mike Shinoda
>> Chester Bennington
>> Joe Hahn
>> Brad Delson
>> Anyone from Charmed cast
>> And of course any other character,
that might want to join.

Taken characters
Holly Marie Combs - charmingholly
Mike Shinoda - mikey_shinizzle
Joe Hahn - vdalem
Orlando Bloom -

For more information please contact me (charmingholly) here on lj.
If you don`t want to leave a comment,
here`s my e-mail: charming_holly62@yahoo.com

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