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27 December 2006 @ 07:07 pm
(open for orlando to continue)  
Holly`s first night in the new house hadn`t been quite as good as she had expected it to be. She fell asleep only when the sun was already raising and woke up soon after that.

After having breakfast she fell asleep on the couch, the tv on and some random tv shows filling the room with sound. Her sleep was uneasy and she dreamed about a man.

He stood in the rain, dark coulds above his head. His head was low and his hands were in his pockets. She couldn`t see his face. It looked as if he was crying, but she couldn`t quite manage to see clearly as the rain was blurring her vision.
Suddenly the man moved and his long coat swayed along with the man`s moves. He sighed heavily and for a brief moment rised his eyes to meet Holly`s. Still the shadows were playing on his face, and the only thing Holly was able to form were his eyes. Solid brown eyes. So familiar.

But then she woke up as if someone had pinched her sides. She blinked rapidly and caught herself breathing heavily. A little sweatdrop ran down her forehead and dripped on her nose. She brushed it away and closed her eyes to regain calmness.

Why had this harmless dream upset her that much? It was weird. She had a strange feeling that she knew that man in the dream. Knew him very well. But she couldn`t quite put her finger on it.

She stood up, determined to find some aspirin for her forming headache. She knew her problems with her head, and she had to take some medicine now, otherwise it won`t end good. But after searching all the cupboards in the kitchen and the bedside table in her bedroom, she understood that she had no aspirin.

"Damn, how could I have been so stupid and forgotten to buy some pills!?" she cursed at herself. She didn`t have her car brought up here still, so she couldn`t go down to the drug store, but she needed the medicine now.
Her only hope was that maybe someone would be home at the house opposite the street.

Holly trew a look in the mirror and rushed out the door, leaving her keys on the coffee table.
bloom_or_land on January 16th, 2007 11:31 pm (UTC)
i had lost my love once but i wont lose it again. i can't afford to make any mistakes this time.

"i missed you more." i say running my fingers at her sides teasingly.
charlottecharmingholly on January 17th, 2007 06:32 pm (UTC)
"Aww," I smiled and pushed his hand away, giggling. "Stop that, you know that I`m very ticklish," I squeeaked.

Surely, I didn`t want this to end, but I needed some answers. I eyed him quickly and smiled. That could wait.

With that thought I traced his lips with my fingertips, loving the feel.
bloom_or_land on January 17th, 2007 11:42 pm (UTC)
there was a lot that needed to be explained. but right now i didn't want anything to get in the way.

after a year of being seperated and not having anyone to touch me intimately was driving me nuts!

i pulled away starring at her beautiful orbs. without a word i bend down and captured her lips.
charlottecharmingholly on January 18th, 2007 06:20 pm (UTC)
Before I knew it I was kissing him again and it felt like heaven. The bedroom door swung open and we crumbled in giggling.

The lights were dim and it felt comfortable and intimate. The only thing I wanted more than anything, anything I have ever wanted, was him. And I could have him. It was surreal.

"I need you," I whispered throughout the kiss and slightly pulled away my breath hitting his neck.
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charlottecharmingholly on January 27th, 2007 08:21 pm (UTC)
I was completely sure that my time machine had worked and I was back in the past. Everything, completely everything felt so familiar and so good. No words could ever express how much I had missed this, how much I had yearned for this. God, I felt furfilled.

Jolts of pleasure runing through my body, my breath entwined with his; I tilted my head back and let orgasm take over, chills all over my body, those familiar chills. I thought that my heart would just stop. I moaned out his name and let my hands fall on the bed as I exhaled.

After all this time, after all those sleepless nights I had spent up crying, all the letters I wrote, that were never sent, all the desperation... I never lost hope. I always believed that one day we would meet again, that I will be able to show him that I loved him more then ever... Still... After everything.
After Angelina.
It was so strange that one day he returned home with that look on his face, that guilty look. He said he loved her, he said that she was different... He said that he loved me too and that was when I started laughing bitterly. I know that it is so very possible to love two people at once, but... I knew that love for one will definitely be stronger than for the other...
He said that he saw no future, that he was a bad boyfriend, a bad fiance, that he just made me hurt all the time and that he didn`t want that. That he wanted me to be happy, wanted me to have everything I had always wanted-a normal family. And then one day he just came to my house to take his things away and to say that he was leaving.
That was when I shattered. He didn`t know that after he left I almost let myself bleed to death, due an unexpected cut in the kitchen while I was making dinner. And that if one of my friends wouldn`t have come I probably would have just died.
I was so desperate, I was so broken. Why, why wouldn`t he understand that all I ever needed was him. Whatever problems we had, we would solve them and be happy. But he didn`t know that and just left. With Angelina. I was jealous, heartbroken and I couldn`t get out of that mess.
God, that last year had been a complete hell. Only now, when I took the courage to get out of it and come here, I was finally able to move on.
And I ran into Orlando.

A million thoughts ran through my mind, but I kept my eyes closed. As I felt him caress my cheek, a smile rosed on my face and I forgot about everything again, drifting in this day dream.