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28 October 2007 @ 05:13 pm
Holly didn`t sleep well. She woke up late and with a headache. That was never good. Some moving trucks caught her attention as she ate her late breakfast, which was actually lunch.
Looked like someone was moving into another house.

So much for my solitude.. Holly thought to herself and swallowed a chunk of bread.

The evening with Mike had been lovely. It was nice to have someone you knew around, but Holly somehow felt, that if she wasn`t careful enough, she would fall in the same snake pit again. She shuddered the thought off and decided she should finally go and look what was going on with the building, she wanted to buy.

The rest of the day went by fast. She had started arranging things for the new club. The location wasn`t that great, but Holly thought, if she would really work on it, the club would be more than popular. She ordered everything she needed to make a great start and started thinking about when she could do the grand opening and what band she could invite to play, to attract more people.

When it was dark outside she finally decided that it was time to call it a day and she called a taxi, which took her home in a breeze. Everything in the neighborhood was dark and it somehow made Holly`s heart sink. Well, it was what you wanted, wasn`t it? A voice inside spoke.
She sadly smiled, looking around one last time and went inside.
28 December 2006 @ 02:46 pm
The last year and a half for Mike had been just hard work with the recording the new CD, stuff with his art work, helping out the others, etc. WHICH is the main reason why the relationship with Chester was a complete catastrophe after all. Yet Mike barely noticed himself WHEN, WHY, HOW he was all of sudden left all alone with his tonne work to do. Obviously one day everything was too much to take for Bennington.

After heartbreaking months of trying to understand why, trying to get 'one more last chance' from Chester in the same time of touring around the world, Mike was left quite alone with a feeling of complete emptiness inside. And he had only himself to blame.

Away from this, away from everything, away from hideous questions he didn`t know the answers, away from the screaming fans, away from his friends, Chester, his past. That was he wanted at least for a while.

Somewhere peaceful. Away.

A house in Avenuefour seemed like the best idea ever.

Mike viewed his house, looking at every corner, starting from bathroom till storeroom.

This was perfect.
Mike smiled to himself. Even more perfect coz this was away from everyone.
He stood on the huge white 2nd floor balcony and took a deep breath. There were a couple of breathtakingly looking houses in this avenue. great...

Mike hoped if anyone lived there they wouldn`t disturb him... much.

...though, at one point he didn`t know himself what was what he wanted...
27 December 2006 @ 07:07 pm
Holly`s first night in the new house hadn`t been quite as good as she had expected it to be. She fell asleep only when the sun was already raising and woke up soon after that.

After having breakfast she fell asleep on the couch, the tv on and some random tv shows filling the room with sound. Her sleep was uneasy and she dreamed about a man.

He stood in the rain, dark coulds above his head. His head was low and his hands were in his pockets. She couldn`t see his face. It looked as if he was crying, but she couldn`t quite manage to see clearly as the rain was blurring her vision.
Suddenly the man moved and his long coat swayed along with the man`s moves. He sighed heavily and for a brief moment rised his eyes to meet Holly`s. Still the shadows were playing on his face, and the only thing Holly was able to form were his eyes. Solid brown eyes. So familiar.

But then she woke up as if someone had pinched her sides. She blinked rapidly and caught herself breathing heavily. A little sweatdrop ran down her forehead and dripped on her nose. She brushed it away and closed her eyes to regain calmness.

Why had this harmless dream upset her that much? It was weird. She had a strange feeling that she knew that man in the dream. Knew him very well. But she couldn`t quite put her finger on it.

She stood up, determined to find some aspirin for her forming headache. She knew her problems with her head, and she had to take some medicine now, otherwise it won`t end good. But after searching all the cupboards in the kitchen and the bedside table in her bedroom, she understood that she had no aspirin.

"Damn, how could I have been so stupid and forgotten to buy some pills!?" she cursed at herself. She didn`t have her car brought up here still, so she couldn`t go down to the drug store, but she needed the medicine now.
Her only hope was that maybe someone would be home at the house opposite the street.

Holly trew a look in the mirror and rushed out the door, leaving her keys on the coffee table.
27 December 2006 @ 12:03 am
a year has gone by but i still couldn't get Holly off my mind. if there's one thing i regret doing in life, is leaving Holly. but i HAD to. after a while in the relationship, she seemed distant. it was too painful to live in the same house where many memories of US lingered in the air. i had to get away, as far as possible.

i did move away as far as possible but i couldn't distance my yearning for Holly. though i was miles away but i couldn't get her off of my mind. i had spent nights pacing the hardwood floors thinking [i]what if i had never left[/i]
26 December 2006 @ 08:35 pm
Holly eyed the building she had bought. Nothing big, but she liked it. At least it looked coazy.
She quickly unlocked the door and stepped inside the dim space. The door clicked closed and she smiled.

Nice, I could get used to this.

It took her about two hours to unpack her bags. All her furniture and other belongings were already there, as the moving company had brought them two days before Holly`s arrival.
She opened the curtains of her bedroom window and looked outside. The little neighbourhood was nice and silent. It was already dark and the street lights were shining. All the houses were empty, except one - the house right opposite hers.

I wonder who lives there... She made a puzzled look as she saw a mans figure through the light windows. Something about this figure seemed awfully familiar, but she pushed the thoughts away and stepped back. She was quite hungry, so she went down to fix up something eatable.
26 December 2006 @ 11:23 am
Ok. So, please, read this intro on how the roleplay goes so we don`t have any trouble and I dont have to hunt you down and... XD hehe, just kidding. ^___^ I`m a kidder...

don`t mind me.
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